About Us

Otakuform Inc founded in January 3, 2015 is a multi-national business based in Toronto, Canada and Osaka, Japan, servicing customers worldwide with factories in Hong Kong (Republic of China), and Osaka, Japan.

At Otakuform Inc, we offer a premium selection of products, specifically specializing in Hoodie that are illuminated with a full 360 sublimation dye technique that features various amazing designs of comic, cartoon, manga or anime characters.

 If you don’t find something that you fancy; please let us know what you want and we’ll make sure our team of professional art designers and tailors meet your demands! You wish is our command! In short, we can make any design!

 We here at Otakuform Inc do not just print and dye characters and symbols on pieces of clothing, we breath and live as Otakus! We’re completely obsessed with everything anime and all things comic-con!

Our awesome team of professional art designers and tailors are highly invested in their craft and work that they do; and we put nothing short of extreme passion into each design they create. If you’re not satisfied neither our we! Our commitment to the perfect product goes hand in hand with customer experience!

We strongly believe that being an Otaku is a lifestyle; our mission in making cool and awesome clothing allows you to indulge in this life style with us.

 Each garment is designed and carefully printed under the supervision of our quality assurance team. Additionally, Otaku Quality Analyst ensures that our factories are equipped with the most advanced systems and printing machines to ensure that your Otaku experience is seamless nothing less than impressive.

 We over 10 years of experience in creating and designing clothing and we are utilizing only the most advanced production technology to deliver the most absolutely and amazing piece of garment for you wear. If they are not good enough for you, they are not good enough for us!

Otakuform Inc values nothing more than the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We want everyone to join in and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with us – the Otaku lifestyle. Peace out Otakus!